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What is Transformation?

Transformation is bigger than change. When we think about change in an organization we are often referring to the need to solve a specific problem. Once it’s fixed we move on to the next one. There is no overarching strategy, just a stomping out of one brush fire at a time. Changes can be made without a clear strategy but most run out of gas over time.

Unlike change, transformation gets at the root of the problem.   It drills down to an organization’s very core–the how and why it functions. Transformation applied to an organization is a paradigm shift on multiple levels; it alters an organization’s behavior, renovates its ability to solve problems and ensures that the company’s identity is more aligned with the  transformational leader’s vision, mission, and goals.

Why is Transformation so Important?


It is a dog-eat-dog world out there, a vortex of unrelenting competition at a global level. Over forty-four thousand US businesses went under in 2013 so leaders sailing on a status quo heading should know where the life-boats are. Since the causal agent for many organizational dysfunctions are often buried layers deep, transformational leaders make the whole organization healthy and don’t Band-Aid the problem.

What is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational leadership is a type of leadership style focused on the ability of a leader to impact a group of followers in such a way that they are inspired to make positive changes in themselves and in the organization as a whole. Transformational leaders excel at connecting individual and group identity with the collective identity and goals of the organization. Transformational leaders are able to align their long-term vision and goals with those of the group to create a sustainable culture of innovation and transformation.

Wallin Enterprises helps businesses crystallize their vision so they know exactly how their culture needs to be transformed to achieve success. Our process is so powerful because we equip transformational leaders to be able to replicate and accelerate transformation internally. This enables them to reach critical goals and realize sustainable results over time, ultimately leading to improved productivity, profitability, and market share.

Are You Ready for a Transformation?

Now is the time to transform yourself, your people, and your business. If you want to achieve success on a much higher level, email us or call us at 206.755.7747 to learn more about how you can transform your organization to thrive for years to come.