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Optimize Transformation: Achieving a High Performing Executive Team

April 16, 2015 | by Terri Wallin
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Transformation has elbowed its way into the lexicon of business buzz-words.  Many people think of it as change on steroids or maybe like a witness identification program for businesses that have fallen prey to the tried-and-true and are hiding from Chapter 11.  Transformation, in its simplest definition is a dramatic alteration from current state. And

Stop Robbing Yourself and Others of Growth — The Art of Delegation

December 2, 2014 | by Terri Wallin
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In the 1969 book The Peter Principe: Why Things Always Go Wrong, authors Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull coined the business maxim that, in a hierarchical organization, employees will rise to the highest level of their incompetence. Since talent does not follow us like out-of work teenagers, many managers/leaders hit the beachhead of their