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4 Slippery Slopes to Avoid: An Executive’s Secret to Sleeping

Are problems keeping you awake? Whether you dismiss, rationalize or positive-think them away those pesky problems show up just when you’re trying to go to sleep, just like your neighbor’s barking dog. While the conscious mind tries to ignore problems the unconscious mind is frustratingly fixated upon them, hosting a raucous game-show of contestant scenarios to keep the problem at bay or expunge it altogether.   The result is a lost night’s sleep and rheumy, blood-shot eyes the next morning. (more…)

Optimize Transformation: Achieving High Performing Employees

In the Transformer cartoon series the autobots achieve victory by transforming from their current state into something capable of defeating their enemy.  Successful businesses do the same thing. So do successful sports teams. Good coaches understand that dusting off last year’s playbook won’t cut it. The team must transform itself every game to win.  Good leaders build winning teams by transforming their business with compelling visions, a business plan to make it happen, committed boards and executive teams, and engaged employees. (more…)

Optimize Transformation: Achieving a High Performing Executive Team

Transformation has elbowed its way into the lexicon of business buzz-words.  Many people think of it as change on steroids or maybe like a witness identification program for businesses that have fallen prey to the tried-and-true and are hiding from Chapter 11.  Transformation, in its simplest definition is a dramatic alteration from current state. And in order to optimize transformation, an organization requires a high performing board of directors, a high performing executive team and high performing employees. (more…)

Achieving a High Performing Board

Every board of directors is unique and so are their results. Some boards are supportive and empowering; others use the H.M.S. Bounty as their template. Some board positions are paid, but many are a volunteer army. Similar techniques shape board performance either way. (more…)