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The Leader’s Role in the “Transformation Equation™”

Written by Terri Wallin

[(Envision Relentlessly + Plan Courageously) + Execute Brilliantly] = Success2

The importance of the leader’s role in transformation cannot be understated. In fact transformation begins with the leader. When the leader understands transformation, the organization can transform successfully and continuously. If the leader isn’t willing or able to embrace transformation, the organization will remain status quo or change slowly over time. In today’s fast paced technological world where everything is instantaneous, it might be a deadly organizational mistake not to master transformation.

Success_Squared_Transformation_EquationSadly, transformation is often misunderstood. Many executives equate change with transformation and while all transformation is change, not all change is transformational. When you think about change — we do it all the time personally — our clothes, where we shop, where we eat, our hairstyle, or where we purchase gas. Those changes aren’t transformational. When transformation of the organization is successful, the organization is dramatically altered from the former state.

Every step of the Transformation Equation™ requires strong executive leadership. The leader must be able to dream big and not be stifled by the reality that in the current moment the organization is unable to achieve the dream. This dreaming or envisioning process is continuous over time and not a one-time event. An organization may need to transform often to remain competitive and thrive in the market.

In order for the vision to become reality, the executive leader has to know how to build a plan or oversee the development of a plan that will work to achieve the vision. This planning process requires courageous actions to pull off the dramatic vision. If the plan includes continuation of current operational functions, it will not produce transformational results.

Finally, the leader must know how to execute a plan or skillfully teach and oversee the execution of a transformational plan. Because the vision is dramatic and the plan to pull it off is unique, it requires masterful execution in order to be successful. Brilliant execution requires involvement of the executive from start to finish. Often what happens is the leader finds a great project manager and then promptly signs out from the execution process. The executive must stay engaged beyond execution to ensure that the results desired actually occur.

The executive leader is critical in engaging direct reports and employees to move toward the vision with enthusiasm. The executive gets work done through others and is successful with transformation ONLY if the team sees and is motivated by the vision.

The leader’s role in the Transformation Equation™ is critical. We excel in helping you succeed with transformation – call now if you need help!

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