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Introducing the “Transformation Equation™” (“T-Equation”)

Written by Terri Wallin

“Transformation” is a word that is bantered about frequently in business today. However, sad to say, most organizations don’t transform. While change is required in transformation, transformation typically doesn’t occur in most change. Transformation is the dramatic alteration of current state into a more compelling future state.

Organizational transformation is the true way an organization will thrive over time. In order to transform successfully and continually, knowing and using the Transformation Equation™ is necessary.

Transformation-Equation-3The Transformation Equation™, developed by Wallin Enterprises, is a result of 30+ years of transformational leadership within organizations. Application of this equation consistently produces predictable and reliable results

The equation has three major phases that really are continuous in nature. The first is visioning. The second is planning and the third is executing. But the adjectives to describe the kind of visioning, planning and executing are critical as it is not only the steps, but how the steps are done that truly ends in transformation. The equation then in total is [(Envision Relentlessly + Plan Courageously) + Execute Brilliantly] = Success2, which results in continual transformation.

Envisioning, which is the first phase of the equation, requires purposefulness. However, most leaders spend little time visioning and planning for the future and it has been estimated, CEOs should spend 50% of their time thinking about the future. Without this devoted time to envision, competition can pass you by. And the envisioning process never ends, it should be embraced relentlessly.

The second phase of the equation is to plan courageously. After you have developed your vision, your next efforts need to be strategizing on how to make the vision a reality. This takes courage as the strategy in carrying out the vision must be unique and innovative! It is likely something that others haven’t tried or have tried and failed. This phase includes thinking through your transformation in terms of why and why now. It also includes the development of your strategy and how you plan to keep your customers and attract new ones.

A critical component of the planning phase, one not to be underestimated in terms of its impact to your success or failure is your team and their involvement. CEOs can’t pull off a transformation alone nor can the vision be accomplished without having a team that shares your vision and enthusiasm. If you are starting a company you can control who you hire from the beginning, but often CEOs take over in a company that is already established. While there are employees who will engage and are talented enough to help you live into the vision, there are also many that won’t fit the vision. If you hire right, have the right team, and empower your employees, you will accomplish the seemingly impossible vision.

The third phase is execution and if done brilliantly, the actual date you move from current to future state often will be a non-event. Involving your team members appropriately in all three phases will help you to have a seamless execution. Engaging people to think brilliantly about how to shift from where you are to the incredible vision will create energy to do things that are innovative.

Transformation is our expertise, call if you have questions or need help! Stay tuned next to hear the leader’s role in the transformation equation!

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