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Executives: Can You Change Culture?

Leaders impact their organizational culture just by showing up and behaving however they behave. Hire an autocrat and watch the reign of terror begin. Employees hunker down; some of the more obsequious begin aggressive boot-licking campaigns while others begin guerilla warfare to depose the tyrant leader. Trust goes into exile and résumés are retooled for maximal bait effectiveness. The culture is changed. It happens spontaneously and it happens fast. Fear is a great motivator for change. (more…)

Leadership: The Next Generation

As time passes, the reins of leadership are handed from generation to generation. Sometimes the transition is seamless. Sometimes the new leader takes the reins like a bungling Ben-Hur whiplashing their company into an economic emergency room. Even worse, sometimes the reins are dropped altogether and the company careens into the barrow pit of bankruptcy. (more…)

4 Ways to Test Your Leadership Honesty Quotient

Are you honest? In these days of misspeak and political correctness the maxim that honesty is the best policy can seem as impractical and archaic as Sanskrit. Most of us tell “white lies” to negotiate the minefields of human interaction. Leaders have struggled with truth since the dawn of time. (more…)

Skimping On Sleep Is Popular For Executives; But Is It A Healthy Habit?

Baggy blood shot eyes and gut-punched circadian rhythms are a badge of honor for some high-achieving executives. Thankfully coffee and speed drinks stiff-arm their devolution into a zombie. Unfortunately many world executives get little sleep, less than six hours a night and their bodies are paying the price. (more…)