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Executives: Can You Change Culture?

Leaders impact their organizational culture just by showing up and behaving however they behave. Hire an autocrat and watch the reign of terror begin. Employees hunker down; some of the more obsequious begin aggressive boot-licking campaigns while others begin guerilla warfare to depose the tyrant leader. Trust goes into exile and résumés are retooled for maximal bait effectiveness. The culture is changed. It happens spontaneously and it happens fast. Fear is a great motivator for change. (more…)

4 Slippery Slopes to Avoid: An Executive’s Secret to Sleeping

Are problems keeping you awake? Whether you dismiss, rationalize or positive-think them away those pesky problems show up just when you’re trying to go to sleep, just like your neighbor’s barking dog. While the conscious mind tries to ignore problems the unconscious mind is frustratingly fixated upon them, hosting a raucous game-show of contestant scenarios to keep the problem at bay or expunge it altogether.   The result is a lost night’s sleep and rheumy, blood-shot eyes the next morning. (more…)

Dump Trucks: They Work for Construction, Not for Leadership

Dump trucks were developed in Western Europe during the 19th century. The Galion Buggy Company and others introduced them into the United States in 1910 and they have been shaking kidneys to jelly ever since. Smaller dump trucks have a carrying capacity of 3-4 tones but they are being steadily upstaged by super dump trucks which can carry a heaping 26 tons. Since super dump trucks can haul so much, the drivers’ can make less trips and theoretically save fuel and time. The driver just waits till the truck is full enough, then unloads it at their time and choosing, burying the unsuspecting dump site which never sees the light of day again. Many leader/managers do the same to unsuspecting employees.  (more…)

Why Not Give Employees a Chance to Redeem Themselves?

There are stories of managers who have taken derailed employees and jimmied them back on track. Unfortunately most of us have not experienced this personally. Since leadership coaching and mentoring is a rocky uphill climb, most of us take the easier path which has three trailheads. Trailhead number one is to avoid confronting the undesired behavior. Trailhead number two is to ship the employee to another department. Trailhead number three is to take the behavior until we can’t stand it anymore and fire the employee either within the first 90 days of employment or sometime thereafter. All trails merge at the summit of pink slip peak. (more…)