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Transformational Leadership Empowers People and Businesses

Everyone wants to be successful. But success is a journey. It is a dogged acquisition of new attitudes and aptitudes and discarding flawed or useless ones. Success is marked by the acquiring of skills that serve an ever-changing marketplace. Another mark of success is business models that propagate a moribund status quo. It is a journey of transformation.

Transform Your Organization

Wallin Enterprises exists to teach leaders the survival skills to thrive in a ferociously competitive economy. When leaders employ our techniques they:

  • Have more fun. No more feeling like Captain Bligh lashing the backsides of your organization to meet its goals. Instead your employees are informed and enthusiastic partners in your success
  • Are more agile. No more lumbering about gracelessly while the organization flounders around you. Instead your organization anticipates the challenges facing it and deftly mitigates the damage or seizes an advantage
  • Develop clearer vision. No more getting lost in the minutiae that can readily be delegated away. Instead you see the big picture and make the important decisions that ensure your organization’s long-term viability
  • Develop a clear mission. No more casting your net on the waters and seeing what comes up. Instead your organization has a precise road-map for success with the right people on the bus.
  • Sustain results over time. No more “flavor of the month” changes, rather clearly defined measures marking success and celebrations for achieving them.

Wallin Enterprises specializes in helping leaders make the crucial cultural shifts to please stakeholders at all levels. But more importantly since transformation is not just a “fix it and forget it” process, we equip you and your leadership team with tools to replicate this transformational process over and over.

About Terri Wallin

terri-bioWallin Enterprises is led by Terri Wallin, a catalyst for transformational change for more than thirty years. She has done so in a wide variety of industries with diverse challenges and goals.   From transforming corporate cultures, to working with executives to create, shape, and achieve their respective visions, her unique and proven methodology consistently generates insight and growth. Terri’s unique acumen as a strategic visionary enables her clients to adapt rapidly to changing economic, political and industrial conditions and out-perform their competitors.

Terri is an active member on boards of distinguished associations, councils, and foundations and has served at the president and vice-president levels. She is a published author and co-author and regular blog contributor to Huffington Post—a showcase of leadership that inspires, teaches, and provides executive leaders with the tools needed to transform their organizations.

Start Your Transformation

Do you identify with the following? If so, contact us by e-mail or call at 206.775.7747 today:

  1. A leader buffeted by the headwinds of change and a little uncertain about next steps
  2. A leader ensnared by the tyranny of the urgent and lacking an overarching mission
  3. A leader working in the noxious atmosphere of a Machiavellian culture and hunger for the clear air of transparency
  4. An executive who feels that leading people is like pushing rope

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